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Case Studies in Pediatric Infectious Diseases


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 (ISBN-13: 9780511292781)

This book features 121 case studies intended to provide an approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric infectious diseases. Brief clinical scenarios are followed by discussions and supplemented with tables and photographs. The author considers infections caused by a wide spectrum of viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infectious agents, as well as those affecting specific anatomic sites. The author addresses both common infections and those presenting a greater challenge in diagnosis. Discussions focus on principles of management, as opposed to details, and place emphasis on determining risk factors and on clinical evaluation, not on performing non-discriminating laboratory tests. The introductory chapter addresses general principles for the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. The appendix contains extensive tables and lists pertaining to infectious agents and their epidemiology. The book is illustrated with high-quality color photographs and radiographs. Its readability provides an engaging way to study pediatric infectious diseases.

• Provides a case-based method for studying the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of infectious diseases


Part I. Introduction; Part II. Case Studies; Part III. Appendix.

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