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 (ISBN-13: 9780511292729)

Effective communication is the ultimate, but often daunting, purpose of any piece of medical research. Medical Writing: A Prescription for Clarity provides practical information enabling first drafts to be turned into clear, simple, unambiguous text, without loss of individuality. Written by a medical consultant and an experienced medical editor, it is sympathetic to the problems and needs of medical writers. Like the preceding two editions, this expanded third edition deals with the basic craft of writing for publication, from spelling and grammar to choosing the best word or phrase. Whether writing a simple clinical report or thesis, wanting to supervise others, or wanting just to develop greater skill in effective writing, this book is the ideal guide and reference. Clear, simple and precise, and illustrated with apt cartoons, this is an invaluable handbook.

• Contains a section on why medical writing tends to be so hard to understand which will encourage readers to follow our prescription for better writing • Words and phrases are arranged both alphabetically and in connected chapters, so the book can be read or dipped into as needed • A set of exercises so readers can test whether they have grasped the principles outlined in the text


Part I. Problem: the illness: 1. Introduction; 2. The malaise of medical manuscripts; Part II. Solution: Symptomatic relief: 3. Guidelines to clearer writing; 4. Is there a better word?; 5. Superfluous words; 6. Imprecise words and phrases; 7. Superfluous phrases; 8. Trouble with short words; 9. Use of the passive voice; 10. Consistency: number and tenses; 11. Circumlocution, metaphor and cliché; 12. Word order and pronouns; 13. Punctuation; 14. Constructing sentences; 15. Drawing clear graphs; Part III. Practice: recuperation: 16. Some examples rewritten; 17. Do the experts agree?; Appendix: examples to rewrite.


'Read this book, and make sure your students do …' British Journal of Psychiatry

'… enough people bought the first edition to make the publishers think that a second one was profitable, and that means that Goodman and Edwards must be helping a lot of people.' N. W. Goodman

'It is not the first, but in my opinion the best book in this field.' Zoltán Szabó, MD PhD, University Hospital in Linköping, Sweden

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