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Advanced Transport Phenomena
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511292538)

Advanced Transport Phenomena is ideal as a graduate textbook. It contains a detailed discussion of modern analytic methods for the solution of fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer problems, focusing on approximations based on scaling and asymptotic methods, beginning with the derivation of basic equations and boundary conditions and concluding with linear stability theory. Also covered are unidirectional flows, lubrication and thin-film theory, creeping flows, boundary layer theory, and convective heat and mass transport at high and low Reynolds numbers. The emphasis is on basic physics, scaling and nondimensionalization, and approximations that can be used to obtain solutions that are due either to geometric simplifications, or large or small values of dimensionless parameters. The author emphasizes setting up problems and extracting as much information as possible short of obtaining detailed solutions of differential equations. The book also focuses on the solutions of representative problems. This reflects the book's goal of teaching readers to think about the solution of transport problems.

• A comprehensive text with many detailed examples of how to actually solve problems within this general topic using approximate analytic (asymptotic) methods • Contains a comprehensive set of problems for every chapter, 227 total multi-part problems • Includes both viscous flow theory and the theory of convective transport processes in a single book • Has a unique chapter on many of the classic linear stability problems in fluid mechanics


1. A preview; 2. Basic principles; 3. Unidirectional and one-dimensional flow and heat transfer processes; 4. An introduction to asymptotic approximations; 5. The thin gap approximation - lubrication problems; 6. The thin gap approximation - films with a free surface; 7. Creeping flow - general properties and solutions for 2D and axisymmetric problems; 8. Creeping flow - 3D problems; 9. Convection effects and heat transfer for viscous flows; 10. Boundary layer theory for laminar flows; 11. Heat and mass transfer at large Reynolds number; 12. Hydrodynamic stability; Appendix A. Governing equations and vector operations in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems; Appendix B. Cartesian component notation.


'Advanced Transport Phenomena contains a detailed discussion of modern analytic methods for the solution of fluid mechanics … With a focus on solving representative problems, the author aims to teach students to think about the solution of transport problems.' The Chemical Engineer

'… provides a solid fundamental and detailed description of mathematical and physical principles of fluid mechanics and mass transfer problems, pointing out the most important practical applications … extremely well written … very easily readable … I believe that the concepts presented in this book will deeply stimulate new research in fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer.' Ioan Pop, Zentralblatt MATH

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