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Liver Disease in Children
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511282553)

Completely revised new edition of the premier reference on pediatric liver disease. Liver Disease in Children, 3rd Edition provides authoritative coverage of every aspect of liver disease affecting infants, children, and adolescents. The book offers an integrated approach to the science and clinical practice of pediatric hepatology and charts the substantial progress in understanding and treating these diseases. Chapters are written by international experts and address the unique pathophysiology, manifestations, and management of these disorders in the pediatric population. The third edition has been thoroughly updated and features new contributions on liver development, cholestatic and autoimmune disorders, fatty liver disease, and inborn errors of metabolism. With the continued evolution of pediatric hepatology as a discipline, this text remains an essential reference for all physicians involved in the care of children with liver disease.

• Third edition of the leading book on pediatric liver disease • Thoroughly updated with new chapters on liver development, cholestatic and autoimmune disorders, fatty liver disease and inborn errors of metabolism • Provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to the science and clinical practice of pediatric hepatology • Includes an eight page color insert with over ninety color photos


Part I: 1. Embryology and development of the liver Ken Zaret; 2. Functional development of the liver Saul J. Karpen and Frederick J. Suchy; 3. Mechanisms of cholestasis Saul Karpen and Frederick J. Suchy; 4. The cholangiopathies V. J. Desmet and Tania Roskams; 5. Fulminant hepatic failure in children Peter F. Whitington and Philip Squires; 6. Cirrhosis and chronic liver failure in children Ronald E. Kleinman; 7. Portal hypertension Benjamin Shneider; 8. Laboratory assessment of liver function and injury in children Vicky Ng; Part II: 9. Approach to the infant with cholestasis Frederick Suchy; 10. Medical and nutritional management of cholestasis Drew Feranchak and Ronald J. Sokol; 11. Neonatal hepatitis and congenital infections Philip Rosenthal; 12. Biliary atresia and other disorders of the extrahepatic bile ducts Fred Ryckman, Jorge Bezerra and William Balistreri; 13. Neonatal jaundice and disorders of bilirubin metabolism Glenn R. Gourley; 14. Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis Benjamin Shneider and Frederick Suchy; 15. Alagille syndrome David Piccoli and Nancy Spinner; 16. Diseases of the gallbladder James Heubi; Part III: 17. Acute and chronic viral hepatitis William F. Balistreri; 18. Autoimmune hepatitis Giorgina Meili-Vergani; 19. Sclerosing cholangitis William F. Balistreri; 20. Drug and toxin-induced liver disease Eve Roberts; 21. Immune deficiency and the liver Dino Hadzic; Part IV: 22. Laboratory diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism Piero Rinaldo; 23. Alpha1antitrypsin deficiency David Perlmutter; 24. The liver and biliary tract in cystic fibrosis Drew Frenanchak; 25. Inborn errors of carbohydrate metabolism Fayez K. Ghishan; 26. Disorders of copper metabolism Ronald J. Sokol; 27. Disorders of iron metabolism Michael Narkewicz and Alex Knisely; 28. Porphyrins and porphyria Robert Desnick; 29. Tyrosinemia Grant Mitchell; 30. The lysosomal storage diseases Gregory Grabowski; 31. Disorders of bile acid metabolism Kenneth Setchell; 32. Inborn errors of fatty acid oxidation Jamal Ibdah; 33. Mitochondrial hepatopathies Ronald Sokol; 34. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Jeffrey Swimmer; 35. Perioxisomal disorders Paul Watkins and Kathleen Schwartz; 36. Disorders of the urea cycle Mark Batshaw and Mendel Tuchman; Part V: 37. Bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections of the liver Donald Novak; 38. Systemic disease and the liver John Bucuvalas and Michael K. Farrell; 39. Fibrocystic liver disease Maureen Jonas and Antonio Perez-Atayde; 40. Hepatic tumors in children Milton Finegold; 41. Liver transplantation Frederick C. Ryckman, Maria Alonso, John Bucuvalas, and William Balistreri.


'This book belongs in the library of everyone who practices pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology.' Seminars in Liver Disease

'With this textbook, the field of pediatric hepatology steps out from behind the shadow of its adult counterparts and should be within arm's length of each medical and surgical practitioner who encounters children with liver disease.' Robert H. Squires, Jr, Practical Gastroenterology


Ken Zaret, Saul J. Karpen, Frederick J. Suchy, Saul Karpen, V. J. Desmet, Tania Roskams, Peter F. Whitington, Philip Squires, Ronald E. Kleinman, Benjamin Shneider, Vicky Ng, Drew Feranchak, Ronald J. Sokol, Philip Rosenthal, Fred Ryckman, Jorge Bezerra, William Balistreri, Glenn R. Gourley, David Piccoli, Nancy Spinner, James Heubi, Giorgina Meili-Vergani, Eve Roberts, Dino Hadzic, Piero Rinaldo, David Perlmutter, Fayez K. Ghishan, Michael Narkewicz, Alex Knisely, Robert Desnick, Grant Mitchell, Gregory Grabowski, Kenneth Setchell, Jamal Ibdah, Jeffrey Swimmer, Paul Watkins, Kathleen Schwartz, Mark Batshaw, Mendel Tuchman, Donald Novak, John Bucuvalas, Michael K. Farrell, Maureen Jonas, Antonio Perez-Atayde, Milton Finegold, Frederick C. Ryckman, Maria Alonso, John Bucuvalas

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