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Morbid Obesity
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511262371)

Written by international experts in the field, this comprehensive book covers all aspects of obesity that may impact upon the practice of the anaesthetist, intensivist or other healthcare professional dealing with the obese patient. The information is presented in a logical manner - opening chapters cover the underlying pathophysiology of obesity and move on to discuss general risk factors, legal and ethical aspects of anaesthesia, changes in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, pre-operative assessment and management. The main section of the book then focuses on specific problems such as renal function, DVT, patient positioning, airway management and ventilation, pulse oximetry, TOE, brain monitoring and BIS, general, spinal and epidural anaesthesia, volatile anaesthetics and drug delivery. A final section includes chapters that detail the nursing, ICU and trauma management of the obese patient, and covers key topics such as anaesthesia for caesarean section, ECG, infection control, haemodynamic monitoring, post-anaesthetic care and postoperative analgesia.

• Obesity is a growing problem that presents many challenges to the anaesthetist • Written by an international team of expert contributors • The first major text to address this subject in any detail


Part I. General Aspects: 1. Introduction. Perioperative management. Reasons for a multidisciplinary approach Adrian Alvarez and Aniceto Baltasar; 2. Perioperative risks and frequent complications Louis Brusco Jr.; 3. Informed consent in bariatric surgery and anaesthesia George Cowen; Part II. Patho-Physiology: 4. Lung physiology Michael Campos and Adam Wanner; 5. Cardiac morphology and ventricular function Martin Alpert; 6. Patho-physiology of cardiovascular co-morbidities Thomas Blanck, Igor Muntyan and Hatem Zayed-Moustafa; 7. Physiological charges during laparoscopy Martin Fried; 8. Digestive physiology and gastric aspiration Peter Marko, Andrea Gabrielli, Lawrence Caruso and Joseph Layton; Part III. Preoperative Management: 9. Preoperative evaluation of the patient for bariatric surgery R. A. Beers and M. F. Roizen; Part IV. Perioperative Management of Co-morbidities: 10. Diabetes mellitus Frederick Mihm; 11. Co-existing cardiac disease Shamsuddin Akhtar, Viji Kurup and Lars Helgeson; 12. Deep venous thromboses prophylaxis Carlos Barba and Fernando Lamounier; 13. Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis Lepetic Alejandro, Claudia Vujacich, Aníbal Calmaggi, Graciela María Guerrini and María del Rosario González Arzac; 14. Renal dysfunction David Rothenberg and Arvind Rajagopal; Part V. Pharmacology: 15. Pharmacokynetics and pharmacodynamics. essential guide for anesthetic drugs administration Luc De Baerdemaeker, Eric Mortier and Michel Struys; 16. Remifentanil in morbidly obese patients Adrian Alvarez; Part VI. Monitoring: 17. Electrocardiography Martin Alpert; 18. Respiratory monitoring Michael Tucci, Vipin Bansal and Enrico Camporesi; 19. Cortical electrical activity monitoring Gabriel Gurman; Part VII. Intra-operative Management: 20. Positioning the morbidly obese patient for surgery Jay Brodsky; 21. Airway management Allan Reed and David Kramer; 22. Inhalation anaesthesia Leland Hanowell; 23. Total intravenous anesthesia Adrian Alvarez; 24. Anesthetic management for the obese parturient John Sullivan and Cynthia Wong; Part VIII. Post-Operative Care: 25. Post anaesthetic care unit management Juan Carlos Flores andAdrian Alvarez; 26. Respiratory management Paul Marik and Ezz Fam; 27. Management of the obese critically ill patient in ICU Paul Marik and Francisco Brun; 28. Nursing management Suzanne Burns, Donna Charlebois, Mary Deivert, Joe Krenitsky and Debra Wilmoth; 29. Postoperative analgesia Alejandro Haidbauer; Part IX. Conclusions: 30. Anaesthesia and morbid obesity, present and future Adrian Alvarez.


'Alvarez's lucid presentation of these complex and timely issues is an achievement in itself, but even more so is his production of a very readable book. This book is assured to inform and complement the busy clinician. I recommend it to every physician involved in the care of the morbidly obese patient.' Obesity Surgery


Adrian Alvarez, Aniceto Baltasar, Louis Brusco Jr., George Cowen, Michael Campos, Adam Wanner, Martin Alpert, Thomas Blanck, Igor Muntyan, Hatem Zayed-Moustafa, Martin Fried, Peter Marko, Andrea Gabrielli, Lawrence Caruso, Joseph Layton, R. A. Beers, M. F. Roizen, Frederick Mihm, Shamsuddin Akhtar, Viji Kurup, Lars Helgeson, Carlos Barba, Fernando Lamounier, Lepetic Alejandro, Claudia Vujacich, Aníbal Calmaggi, Graciela María Guerrini, María del Rosario González Arzac, David Rothenberg, Arvind Rajagopal, Luc De Baerdemaeker, Eric Mortier, Michel Struys, Michael Tucci, Vipin Bansal, Enrico Camporesi, Gabriel Gurman, Jay Brodsky, Allan Reed, David Kramer, Leland Hanowell, John Sullivan, Cynthia Wong, Juan Carlos Flores, Paul Marik, Ezz Fam, Francisco Brun, Suzanne Burns, Donna Charlebois, Mary Deivert, Joe Krenitsky, Debra Wilmoth, Alejandro Haidbauer

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