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Clinical MR Neuroimaging
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511262043)

The physiological magnetic resonance techniques of diffusion imaging, perfusion imaging and spectroscopy offer insights into brain structure, function and metabolism. Until recently, they were mainly applied within the realm of medical research, but with their increasing availability on clinical MRI machines, they are now coming into clinical practice for the evaluation of neuropathology in individual patients. This book provides the reader with a thorough review of the underlying physical principles of each of these methods, as well as comprehensive coverage of their clinical applications. Topics covered include single- and multiple-voxel MRS techniques, MR perfusion based on both arterial spin labelling and dynamic bolus tracking approaches, and diffusion-weighted imaging, including techniques for mapping brain white matter fiber bundles. Clinical applications are reviewed in depth for each technique, with case reports included throughout the book. Attention is also drawn to possible artifacts and pitfalls associated with these techniques.

• Comprehensive review of advanced MRI techniques and applications • Explains clinical applications • Case reports included throughout the book


Foreword Jonathan Gillard, Adam Waldman and Peter Barker; Introduction Nick Bryan; 1. Fundamentals of MR spectroscopy Peter Barker; 2. Quantification and analysis in MR spectroscopy Thomas Ernst; 3. Artifacts and pitfalls in MR spectroscopy Ralph Hurd; 4. Fundamentals of diffusion MR imaging Derek Jones; 5. MR tractography using diffusion tensor MR imaging Susumu Mori and Peter van Zijl; 6. Artifacts and pitfalls in diffusion MR imaging Martin Koch and David Norris; 7. Cerebral perfusion imaging by exogenous contrast agents Leif Ostergaard; 8. MRI detection of regional blood flow using arterial spin labeling Alan Koretsky, Lalith Talagala, Shella Keilholz and Afonso Silva; 9. Artifacts and pitfalls in perfusion MR imaging Fernando Calamante; 10. Cerebrovascular disease - overview Brian Tress; 11. MR spectroscopy in stroke Peter Barker and Jonathan Gillard; 12. Diffusion and perfusion MR in stroke Joanna Wardlaw; 13. Arterial spin labeling in stroke John Detre and Jyongjiong Wang; 14. Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging in stroke Pamela Schaefer, Luca Roccatagliata and Gilberto Gonzalez; 15. MR spectroscopy in severe obstructive carotid artery disease Jeroen van der Grond and Dirk Rutgers; 16. Perfusion and diffusion imaging in chronic carotid disease Iain Wilkinson; 17. Imaging migraine pathogenesis Mike Welch; 18. Adult neoplasia: overview Tom Mikkelsen; 19. MR spectroscopy of brain tumors in adults Jeffry Alger; 20. Diffusion MR imaging in adult neoplasia Brian Ross, Brad Moffat and Thomas Chenevert; 21. Perfusion MR imaging in adult neoplasia Alan Jackson; 22. Physiological imaging in infection, inflammation and demyelination: overview Robert Zimmerman; 23. MR spectroscopy in intracranial infection Rakesh Gupta and Monika Garg; 24. The role of diffusion-weighted imaging in intracranial infection Christopher Fillipi; 25. MR spectroscopy in demyelination and inflammation Gioacchino Tedeschi and Simona Bonavita; 26. Diffusion imaging in demyelination and inflammation Massimo Filippi and Marco Rovaris; 27. Physiological MR to evaluate HIV-associated brain disorders Linda Chang and Thomas Ernst; 28. Seizure disorders: overview Thomas Henry; 29. MR spectroscopy in seizure disorders Graeme Jackson, Regula Brielmann and Mark Wellard; 30. Diffusion and perfusion MR imaging in seizure disorders Konstantinos Arfanakis and Bruce Hermann; 31. Psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease: overview Adam Waldman; 32. MR spectroscopy in psychiatry John Port; 33. Diffusion MR imaging in psychiatry and aging Adolf Pfefferbaum, Edith Sullivan and Elfar Adalsteinsson; 34. MR spectroscopy in aging and dementia Clifford Jack and Kejal Kantarci; 35. MR spectroscopy in neurodegeneration Charles Davie; 36. Potential role of MR spectroscopy, diffusion weighted/diffusion tensor imaging and perfusion weighted imaging in traumatic brain injury: overview John Pickard; 37. MR spectroscopy in traumatic brain injury William Brooks; 38. Diffusion- and perfusion-weighted MR imaging in head injury David Menon and Peter Bradley; 39. Physiological MR of the pediatric brain: overview Elias Melhem and Xavier Golay; 40. Physiological MRI of normal development and developmental delay A. James Barkovich, Dan Vigneron and Pratik Mukherjee; 41. MR spectroscopy of hypoxic brain injury Brian Ross, Cathleen Enriquez and Alexander Lin; 42. The role of diffusion and perfusion weighted brain imaging in neonatology Mary Rutherford; 43. Physiological MR of pediatric brain tumors Jill Hunter; 44. Physiological MRI techniques and pediatric stroke W. Kling Chong, V. Cionini and Dawn Saunders; 45. MR spectroscopy in pediatric white matter disease Folker Hanefeld, Knut Brockman and Peter Dechent; 46. MR spectroscopy of inborn errors of metabolism Alberto Bizzi, Marianna Bugiani and Ugo Danesi.


'Congratulations to the editors on delivering a book that bridges a gap in the market, addressing both the technical aspects of diffusion, perfusion and spectroscopy and their clinical applications … This detailed text offers chapters from a wide range of eminent authors from both sides of the Atlantic … I can highly recommend this book to those wishing to learn more about the technical aspects and clinical applications of diffusion, perfusion and spectroscopy. Without doubt this book should be in the library of neuroimaging centres.' Acta Neurochirugica

' … the book is highly readable and the image quality is good throughout … The book is recommended as an excellent description of advanced techniques in clinical settings and will be useful to all practicing neuroradiologists.' American Journal of Neuroradiology


Jonathan Gillard, Adam Waldman, Peter Barker, Nick Bryan, Thomas Ernst, Ralph Hurd, Derek Jones, Susumu Mori, Peter van Zijl, Martin Koch, David Norris, Leif Ostergaard, Alan Koretsky, Lalith Talagala, Shella Keilholz, Afonso Silva, Fernando Calamante, Brian Tress, Joanna Wardlaw, John Detre,Jyongjiong Wang, Pamela Schaefer, Luca Roccatagliata, Gilberto Gonzalez, Jeroen van der Grond , Dirk Rutgers, Iain Wilkinson, Mike Welch, Tom Mikkelsen, Jeffry Alger, Brian Ross, Brad Moffat, Thomas Chenevert, Alan Jackson, Robert Zimmerman, Rakesh Gupta, Monika Garg, Christopher Fillipi, Gioacchino Tedeschi, Simona Bonavita, Massimo Filippi, Marco Rovaris, Linda Chang, Thomas Henry, Graeme Jackson, Regula Brielmann, Mark Wellard, Konstantinos Arfanakis, Bruce Hermann, John Port, Adolf Pfefferbaum, Edith Sullivan, Elfar Adalsteinsson, Clifford Jack, Kejal Kantarci, Charles Davie, John Pickard, William Brooks, David Menon, Peter Bradley, Elias Melhem, Xavier Golay, A. James Barkovich, Dan Vigneron , Pratik Mukherjee, Brian Ross, Cathleen Enriquez, Alexander Lin, Mary Rutherford, Jill Hunter, W. Kling Chong, V. Cionini, Dawn Saunders, Folker Hanefeld, Knut Brockman, Peter Dechent, Alberto Bizzi, Marianna Bugiani,Ugo Danesi

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