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Cancer of the Ovary
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511258213)

Ovarian cancer is not only the commonest but also the most lethal gynaecological malignancy, partly because the majority of patients present with advanced disease. Nevertheless, the management of patients with ovarian neoplasms has changed substantially recently, with improved survival due to better screening strategies, major advances in chemotherapy and the constantly evolving role of surgery. Optimal patient care is best achieved by a multidisciplinary team, with imaging playing a pivotal role. The explosion of technological developments in imaging in recent years has meant that all members of the team should understand the potential applications, limitations and advantages of evolving imaging techniques. Each volume in Contemporary Issues in Cancer Imaging - A Multidisciplinary Approach is edited by an expert guest editor with contributions from all members of the multidisciplinary team, thus bringing together expertise from many specialties to promote the understanding and application of modern imaging in overall patient management.

• Multidisciplinary approach makes it suitable for a wide range of clinicians • Highly illustrated with all imaging and pathology modalities • Unique text will appeal to the whole team of radiologists, oncologists and surgeons


Series foreword Rodney Reznek; Preface Rodney Reznek; 1. Epidemiology of ovarian cancer Karim Elmasry and Simon Gayther; 2. The pathological features of ovarian neoplasia David Lowe; 3. Ovarian cancer screening Adam Rosenthal. Usha Menon and Ian Jacobs; 4. Surgical management of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer James Balega and John Shepherd; 5. Medical treatment of ovarian carcinoma Rebecca Bowen and Maurice Slevin; 6. Ultrasound in ovarian carcinoma Judith Webb; 7. MR imaging in ovarian cancer Rodney Reznek and S. Sohaib; 8. CT in carcinoma of the ovary John Spencer; 9. PET and PET/CT in ovarian cancer Norbert Avril.


'The oncology chapter is superb. For anyone who has struggled with all the various chemotherapy regimes, here is a pithy concise summary. … I would recommend this tome as a 'must-have' for any aspiring cross-sectional imager.' Clinical Radiology


Rodney Reznek, Karim Elmasry, Simon Gayther, David Lowe, James Balega, John Shepherd, Rebecca Bowen, Maurice Slevin, Judith Webb, S. Sohaib, John Spencer, Norbert Avril

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