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Global Warming
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511207419)

Global warming and the resulting climate change is one of the most serious environmental problems facing the world community. Global Warming: The Complete Briefing is the most comprehensive guide available to the subject. A world-renowned expert, Sir John Houghton explores the scientific basis of global warming and the likely impacts of climate change on human society, before addressing the action that could be taken by governments, by industry and by individuals to mitigate the effects. The first two editions received excellent reviews, and this completely updated new edition will prove to be the best briefing the student or interested general reader could wish for.

• Completely revised and updated third edition of a very highly respected book • Author is a leader in his field and is very highly regarded • Most comprehensive, but concise, textbook available on climate at an introductory level


Introduction to the first edition; Introduction to the second edition; Introduction to the third edition; 1. Global warming and climate change; 2. The Greenhouse effect; 3. The Greenhouse gases; 4. Climates of the past; 5. Modelling the climate; 6. Climate change for the twenty-first century and beyond; 7. The impacts of climate change; 8. Why should we be concerned?; 9. Weighing the uncertainty; 10. Strategy for action to slow and stabilize climate change; 11. Energy and transport for the future; 12. The Global Village; Glossary; Index.


'… a widely praised book on global warming and its consequences.' The Economist

'… it provides one of the most readable and authoritative statements of the basic science and its implications.' Biologist

'Sir John Houghton is one of the few people who can legitimately use the phrase 'the complete briefing' as a subtitle for a book on global warming … Sir John has done us all a great favour in presenting such a wealth of material so clearly and accessibly and in drawing attention to the ethical underpinnings of our interpretation of this area of environmental science.' Progress in Physical Geography

'… the best single-volume guide to the science of climate change.' The Times Literary Supplement

'This book is one of the best I have encountered, that deal with climate change and some of its anthropogenic causes. Well written, well organised, richly illustrated and referenced, it should be required reading for anybody concerned with the fate of our planet.' Elmar R. Reiter, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

'… without doubt the best briefing the concerned citizen could hope to find.' Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

'In summary I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone concerned about global warming. It provides an excellent non-technical guide on scientific and political aspects of the subject. It is an essential briefing for students and science teachers.' Tony Waters, Weather

'It is difficult to imagine how Houghton's exposition of this complex body of information might be substantially improved upon … Seldom has such a complex topic been presented with such remarkable simplicity, directness and crystalline clarity … Houghton's complete briefing is without doubt the best briefing the concerned citizen could hope to find within the pages of a pocketable book.' John Perry, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

'An impressive … exploration of the scientific basics of global warming and the likely impacts of climate change on human society.' Long Range Planning

'I can recommend (this book) to anyone who wants to get a better perspective on the topic of global warming … a very readable and comprehensive guide to the changes that are occurring now, and could occur in the future, as a result of human action … brings the global warming debate right up to date … Read Houghton's book if you really want to understand both the scientific and political issues involved.' William Harston, The Independent

'… precise account of the science, accompanied by figures, graphs, boxes on specific points, and summaries at the end of each chapter, with questions for students … ranges beyond the science into the diplomacy, politics, economics and ethics of the problem, which together present a formidable challenge to human understanding and capacity for action.' Crispin Tickell, The Times Higher Education Supplement

'… this is a rigorous and well-presented overview of the science of global warming. … I highly recommend this textbook.' EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union

'… an interesting account of the topic for the general reader.' Environmental Assessment

'I have no hesitation in endorsing this important book.' Wilfrid Bach, International Journal of Climatology

'… the definitive scientific book on global warming by one of the few authors who is actually in a position to give a complete briefing. … it has been written in a way that can both appeal to the general reader and be used by the student … The book as a whole is very well set out and makes use of the latest scientific findings. … If you read just one book on climate change, this has to be it.' Scientific and Medical Network Review

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