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Hyperactivity and Attention Disorders of Childhood
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511060748 | ISBN-10: 0511060742)

Building on the success of the first edition and addressing the advances in the field since its publication, Seija Sandberg has brought together a distinguished, international team to review the area of attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) in children and young adults. This 2002 edition was thoroughly revised and updated. Some chapters, such as those dealing with the genetic background and the adult form of the disorder, were completely new, and some of the areas dealt with in the first edition are being covered by new authors in the second. The writers are among the world's leading experts, both researchers and clinicians, in the area. This will be essential reading for all professionals involved in the management and care of people with ADHD.

• Thoroughly revised and updated new edition of an important and well-reviewed book • Some completely new chapters, such as those covering the genetic background and the adult form of the disorder • Written by an international team of expert researchers and clinicians in the field


1. Historical development Seija Sandberg and Joanne Barton; 2. Epidemiology of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: what have we learned over the last decade? Jan K. Buitelaar; 3. Cross-cultural/ethnical aspects of childhood hyperactivity Ernest S. L. Luk, Patrick W. L. Leung and T. P. Ho; 4. Sex differences and their significance Ellen Heptinstall and Eric Taylor; 5. Classification of hyperactivity R. Schacher and J. Sergeant; 6. The role of attention J. J. van der Meere; 7. Cognitive aspects and learning Erika Hagemann, David A. Hay and Florence Levy; 8. Developmental perspectives Sheryl Olson; 9. Genetic contributions Irwin D. Waldman and Soo Hyun Rhee; 10. Biological underpinnings of ADHD F. Xavier Castellanos and James Swanson; 11. Psychosocial contributions Seija Sandberg; 12. Institutional care as a risk factor for inattention/overactivity Michael Rutter, Penny Roy and Jana Kreppner; 13. Treatments Peter S. Jensen and the MTA Group; 14. Attention deficity hyperactivity disorder in adults Brian Toone and Eric Taylor; Index.


'It remains an easily readable and fully updated guide for individuals committed to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.' Doody's Publishing

From reviews of the first edition 'Presents an extremely informative and readable discussion of hyperactivity and the critical facets of the disparity between Europe and North America in the approach to attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder … It should be particularly valuable for trainees in pediatrics, psychiatry, and neurology who treat attention deficits in children.' Pauline A. Filipek, New England Journal of Medicine

'It would be a good one to keep in a department, as a source of information for practice and teaching. Trying to understand the underlying mechanisms is engrossing and Sandberg's book contributes to our attempts to unravel fundamental aspects of human behaviour.' C. Sturge, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

'To any of us interested in brain-behaviour relationships their differentiation and origin is important and fascinating. Although we are only at the dawn of our understanding this book will definitely help that endeavour.' European Journal of Paediatric Neurology

'The range and diversity of the topics covered by this book is its major strength … the array and depth of the material reviewed makes this recommended reading for anyone working in this area.' British Journal of Clinical Psychology

'This is an incredibly comprehensive book, which contains a wealth of information.' Psychological Medicine

'All professionals involved in the management and care of people with ADHD will find the book very useful in increasing their understanding of the sometimes contradictory clinical picture and the underlying mechanisms of ADHD. Researchers in the field of child and adolescent mental health and developmental neuroscience will find the rapid expansion of scientific knowledge reviewed in detail and new issues emphasised.' European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Seija Sandberg, Joanne Barton, Jan K. Buitelaar, Ernest S. L. Luk, Patrick W. L. Leung, T. P. Ho, Ellen Heptinstall, Eric Taylor, R. Schacher, J. Sergeant, J. J. van der Meere, Erika Hagemann, David A. Hay, Florence Levy, Sheryl Olson, Irwin D. Waldman, Soo Hyun Rhee, F. Xavier Castellanos, James Swanson, Seija Sandberg, Michael Rutter, Penny Roy, Jana Kreppner, Peter S. Jensen, Brian Toone, Eric Taylor

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