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Rheumatic Diseases
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511059599 | ISBN-10: 0511059590)

This authoritative review volume provides a wide-ranging account of the immunological mechanisms that underlie many rheumatic diseases. Advances in our understanding of the immunopathology of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and SLE, are paving the way for the development of effective and rational new therapies. This exciting prospect is an important stimulus for ground-breaking research into these diseases and the investigation of new therapeutic options. As the first book to focus exclusively on this burgeoning area of clinical research, this is an invaluable and contemporary account for all rheumatologists, clinical immunologists and those seeking to develop effective new therapies to combat rheumatic diseases.

• Deals with the immunopathology of common rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and SLE • Provides a rational approach to the development of new therapies • First book to focus exclusively on the interface of rheumatology and immunology


Implications of advances in immunology for understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of rheumatic disease J. S. Hill Gaston; 1. The role of T cells in autoimmune disease R. J. Moots and K. W. Wucherpfennig; 2. The role of MHC antigens in autoimmunity J. H. Buckner and G. T. Nepom; 3. B cells - formation and structure of autoantibodies A. Rahman, F. K. Stevenson and D. A. Isenberg; 4. Role of CD40 in immune responses P. Lane; 5. Manipulation of the T cell immune system via CD28 and CTLA-4 D. M. Samson and L. S. K. Walker; 6. Lymphocyte antigen receptor signal transduction D. R. Alexander; 7. Role of adhesion mechanisms in inflammation C. Pitzalis; 8. Regulation of apoptosis in rheumatic disorders J. McNally, A. K. Vaishnaw and K. B. Elkon; 9. The role of monokines in arthritisW. B. van den Berg and F. J. J. van de Loo; 10. T lymphocyte sub sets in relation to autoimuune disease F. Ramirez, B. Seddon and D. Mason; 11. Complement receptors J. M. Ahearn and A. M. Rosengard; Index.


'This is an outstanding contribution.' Wayne M. Yokoyama, MD, Washington University Medical Center

'… a stimulating mixture of a dozen relatively short reviews which explore many of the problems faced by investigators in the area … a good read.' N. A. Staines, Rheumatology


R. J. Moots, K. W. Wucherpfennig, J. H. Buckner, G. T. Nepom, A. Rahman, F. K. Stevenson, D. A. Isenberg, P. Lane, D. M. Samson, L. S. K. Walker, D. R. Alexander, C. Pitzalis, J. McNally, A. K. Vaishnaw, K. B. Elkon, W. B. van den Berg, F. J. J. van de Loo, F. Ramirez, B. Seddon, D. Mason, J. M. Ahearn, A. M. Rosengard

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