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Principles and Practice of Emergency Neurology
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511058882 | ISBN-10: 0511058888)

In this handbook, the emergency physician-neurologist editorial team from the acclaimed comprehensive text Emergency Neurology bring its expertise to a readily accessible reference tool for the emergency department. With a symptom-based emphasis, the text, tables, and illustrations guide the emergency physician in the recognition, diagnosis, and management of neurological disorders both common and complex. Integrating fundamental neurological concepts with the practical realities and demands of emergency care, this handbook features management algorithms for dozens of conditions, and a list of 'pearls and pitfalls' at the conclusion of each of the 38 chapters. This survey of best practices in emergency neurology provides succinct and crucial clinical information for all emergency physicians who diagnose and manage neurologic disorders such as headache, seizure, and spinal cord injury. Emphasizing efficient neurological examination techniques, this is an essential handbook for emergency physicians, internists, and residents.

• Applies fundamental principles of neurology to demands and constraints of emergency neurology • Symptom-based organization with extensive management algorithms, treatment guidelines, illustrations, and tables • Successful Emergency Physician-Neurologist editorial collaboration


Part I. Neurological Examination and Neurodiagnostic Testing: 1. Neurological examination Thomas F. Scott and Sid M. Shah; 2. Neuroimaging Andrew Goldberg and Janene Hecker; 3. Electroencephalography Ivo Drury; 4. Lumbar puncture James Valeriano and Daniel Ammons; Part II. Common Neurological Presentations: 5. Altered level of consciousness Lara Kunschner and J. Stephen Huff; 6. Headache Robert Kaniecki and Merle L. Diamond; 7. Weakness George Small and David Chuirazzi; 8. Dizziness Kevin M. Kelly, Tom Stein and Moises Arriaga; 9. Seizures Kevin M. Kelly and Nicholas Colovos; 10. Gait disturbance Jon Brillman; Part III. Specific Neurological Conditions: 11. Central nervous system infections in adults Paul Blackburn, Earl Reisdorff, Oliver Hayes and Anthony Briningstool; 12. Cerebrovascular disease Michael Frankel, Marc Chimowitz, Rashmi Kothari and Sam Josvai; 13. Movement disorders Sid M. Shah, Roger Albin and Susan Baser; 14. Peripheral nervous system and neuromuscular disorders John Wald and James Albers; 15. Guillain barre syndrome Sandeep Rana and Sid M. Shah; 16. Myasthenia gravis George Small and Mara Aloi; 17. Musculoskeletal and neurogenic pain Robert Kaniecki and L. R. Sears; 18. Neuro-ophthalmology Dennis Hanlon and Eric Eggenberger; 19. Multiple sclerosis Thomas Scott; 20. Dementia Judith Heidebrink and Norman Foster; 21. Brain tumors and other neuro-oncological emergencies Herbert Newton; 22. Neuropsychiatry Craig Taylor; 23. Increased intracranial pressure and herniation syndromes Amy Blasen and Sid M. Shah; 24. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension Eric Eggenberger and Sid M. Shah; 25. Normal pressure hydrocephalus Oliver Hayes and Lara Kunschner; 26. Non-traumatic spinal cord injury Michael Millin, Sid M. Shah and David Wright; 27. Sleep disorders Sinan Baran; Part IV. Neurological Trauma: 28. Traumatic brain injury Chris Carpenter, Lee Warren, Kevin Gingrich and James E. Wilberger, Jr; 29. Spinal cord injury Charles Bill and Vanessa Harkins; 30. Peripheral nerve injuries Patricia B. Josefczyk and Mark Baratz; Part V. Pediatric Neurological Emergencies: 31. Hydrocephalus and shunts in children Stephen Guertin and Anthony Briningstool; 32. Pediatric infections of the central nervous system Jane Turner and Anthony Briningstool; 33. Pediatric cerebrovascular disorders Imad Jarjour and Liza Squires; 34. Pediatric seizures Mont Roberts and Rae Hanson; 35. Hypotonic infant Marsha Rappley and Sid M. Shah; Part VI. Pregnancy-Related Neurological Emergencies: 36. Pregnancy-related neurological emergencies Mary Hughes and Page Pennell; Part VII. Neurotoxicology: 37. Neurotoxicology Fred Harchelroad and David Overton; Part VIII. Brain Death: 38. Brain death David Zich and Jon Brillman.


'This is a carefully edited and carefully written multiauthored book … ER physicians will enjoy reading this book - and learn much from it too. 4 stars.' Doody's Reviews (refers to textbook version)

'I recommend Emergency Neurology for inclusion in the libraries of emergency physicians and as a teaching reference for emergency medicine residents and out-of-hospital care providers.' Annals of Emergency Medicine (refers to textbook version)

'This book will hopefully help to demystify and simplify what is actually a logical and interesting aspect to the Emergency Department caseload.' Resuscitation (refers to textbook version)

'Principles and Practice of Emergency Neurology incorporates major neurological concepts from prehospital management through to final outcome in a pragmatic approach … Reflecting the central role of neurological assessment and management in the daily practice of emergency medicine, this book will undoubtedly become a reference for clinicians thanks to its systematic reviews of the main interventions in emergency neurology.' The Lancet

'As an aid to the assessment of an individual patient, or to understand more about specific neurological conditions, this text is invaluable … I am sure it will be used widely.' Accident & Emergency Nursing


Thomas F. Scott , Sid M. Shah, Andrew Goldberg, Janene Hecker, Ivo Drury, James Valeriano, Daniel Ammons, Lara Kunschner, J. Stephen Huff, Robert Kaniecki, Merle L. Diamond, George Small, David Chuirazzi, Kevin M. Kelly, Tom Stein, Moises Arriaga, Nicholas Colovos, Jon Brillman, Paul Blackburn, Earl Reisdorff, Oliver Hayes, Anthony Briningstool, Michael Frankel, Marc Chimowitz, Rashmi Kothari, Sam Josvai, Roger Albin, Susan Baser, John Wald, James Albers, Sandeep Rana, Mara Aloi, L. R. Sears, Dennis Hanlon, Eric Eggenberger, Thomas Scott, Judith Heidebrink, Norman Foster, Herbert Newton, Craig Taylor, Amy Blasen, Oliver Hayes, Lara Kunschner, Michael Millin, David Wright, Sinan Baran, Chris Carpenter, Lee Warren, Kevin Gingrich, James E. Wilberger, Jr, Charles Bill, Vanessa Harkins, Patricia B. Josefczyk, Mark Baratz, Stephen Guertin, Jane Turner, Imad Jarjour, Liza Squires, Mont Roberts, Rae Hanson, Marsha Rappley, Mary Hughes, Page Pennell, Fred Harchelroad, David Overton, David Zich, Jon Brillman

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