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Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511058738 | ISBN-10: 051105873X)

In both South and Southeast Asia, many upland groups make a living - in whole or part - through gathering and hunting, producing not only subsistence goods but commodities destined for regional and even world markets. These forager-traders have had an ambiguous position in ethnographic analysis, variously represented as relics, degraded hunter-gatherers, or recent upstarts. Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia adopts a multidisciplinary approach to these groups, presenting a series of comparative case-studies that analyse the long-term histories of hunting, gathering, trading, power relations, and regional social and biological interactions in this critical region. This book is a fascinating and important addition to the current 'revisionist' debate, and a unique attempt to re-conceptualize our knowledge of forager-traders within the surrounding context of complex polities, populations and economies in South and Southeast Asia.

• Revealing new historical perspective on forager/non-forager relations • Uniquely up-to-date analysis of archaeology and early history in South and Southeast Asia • Multidisciplinary approach to the phenomenon of 'forager-traders'


1. Historicizing adaptation, adapting to history: forager-traders in South and Southeast Asia Kathleen D. Morrison; 2. Introduction Kathleen D. Morrison; 3. Hunting and gathering strategies in prehistoric India: a bio-cultural perspective on trade and subsistence John R. Lukacs; 4. Harappans and hunters: economic interaction and specialization in prehistoric India Gregory L. Possehl; 5. Gender and social organization in the reliefs of the Nilgiri Hills Allen Zagarell; 6. Pepper in the hills: upland-lowland exchange and the intensification of the spice trade Kathleen D. Morrison; 7. Introduction Laura L. Junker; 8. Hunters and traders in Northern Australia Sandra Bowdler; 9. Foragers, farmers, and traders in the Malaysian Peninsula Alan Fix; 10. Economic specialization and inter-ethnic trade between foragers and farmers in the Prehispanic Philippines Laura L. Junker.


Kathleen D. Morrison, John R. Lukacs, Gregory L. Possehl, Allen Zagarell, Laura L. Junker, Sandra Bowdler, Alan Fix

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