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Community Rehabilitation in Neurology
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511057663 | ISBN-10: 0511057660)

Rehabilitation should not stop when the disabled person is discharged from hospital, and many neurological patients require ongoing rehabilitation in order to maximize their functional abilities, minimize complications and promote full participation at home and in the community. This book analyses community rehabilitation needs from many different perspectives, including the views of disabled people, rehabilitation clinicians and service providers. Many examples of community rehabilitation schemes are presented, with evidence for their effectiveness, and case studies are used to highlight the main issues. The authors take an international view, and there are chapters dealing with the disabled child in the community and with neuropsychological rehabilitation. This important book examines the growing trend towards community rehabilitation in neurology and is directed towards all clinicians involved with neurorehabilitation.

• Looks at neurological rehabilitation in the community • Growing awareness of the importance of post-discharge rehabilitation • Contributions covering disabled children and neuropsychological rehabilitation


1. Background to community neurological rehabilitation; 2. Neurological rehabilitation - basic principles and models of delivery; 3. Models of disability; 4. Concepts of community; 5. The views of disabled people; 6. Outcome measures and research in the community; 7. Evidence base for community neurological rehabilitation; 8. Lessons from the south; 9. Other aspects of community neurological rehabilitation; 10. Community rehabilitation in childhood: concepts to inform practice Peter Rosenbaum and Mary Law; 11. Neuropsychological rehabilitation in the community Pamela Klonoff, David Lamb, Steven Henderson, Lauren Dawson, Jennifer Lutton, Jessica Grady and Harold Bialsky; 12. The way forward; Index.


'The text provides the reader with a vast amount of information on neurological rehabilitation including many thought-provoking ideas.' Physiotherapy


Peter Rosenbaum, Mary Law, Pamela Klonoff, David Lamb, Steven Henderson, Lauren Dawson, Jennifer Lutton, Jessica Grady, Harold Bialsky

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