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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Stroke
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  • 97 b/w illus. 14 colour illus. 16 tables
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511057441 | ISBN-10: 051105744X)

Magnetic resonance imaging provides non-invasive information about the brain's blood flow, water movement and biochemical abnormalities following stroke, and advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are transforming the investigation and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. Echoplanar techniques with diffusion and perfusion weighted imaging, together with developments in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and angiography, are replacing CT scanning as the diagnostic modality of choice. In this profusely illustrated book world leaders in these technologies review the scientific basis and clinical applications of MRI in stroke. It will appeal to a broad readership including stroke physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation specialists, and others with a clinical or research interest in cerebrovascular disease.

• State of the art coverage of techniques that are revolutionising the way stroke is investigated • Editors and contributors are world leaders • Profusely illustrated


1. The importance of specific diagnosis in stroke patient management John N. Fink and Louis R. Caplan; 2. Limitations of current brain imaging modalities in stroke P. A. Barber and S. M. Davis; 3. Clinical efficacy of CT in acute cerebral ischemia Rüdiger von Kummer; 4. Computerized tomographic based evaluation of cerebral blood flow Lawrence R. Wechsler, Steven Goldstein and Howard Yonas; 5. Technical introduction to MRI Rohit Sood and Michael Moseley; 6. Clinical use of standard MRI Brian M. Tress; 7. MR Angiography of the head and neck: basic principles and clinical application Robert R. Edelman and Joel Meyer; 8. Stroke MRI in intracranial hemorrhage Peter D. Schellinger, Olav Jansen and Werner Hacke; 9. Using diffusion-perfusion in animal model for drug development Marc Fisher; 10. Localisation of stroke syndromes using Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging Max Wintermark, Marc Reichhart, Reto Meuli and J. Bogousslavsky; 11. Magnetic resonance imaging in transient ischemic attacks: clinical utility and insights into pathophysiology Jeffery L. Saver and Chelsea Kidwell; 12. Perfusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in stroke William A. Copen and A. Gregory Sorensen; 13. Perfusion imaging with arterial spin labelling David C. Alsop and John A. Detre; 14. Clinical role of echoplanar MRI in stroke Stephen Davis and Mark Parsons; 15. The ischemic penumbra Geoffery A. Donnan, Peter M. Wright, Romesh Markus, Thanh Phan and David C. Reutens; 16. New MR techniques to select patients for thrombolysis in acute stroke Vincent N. Thijs and Gregory W. Albers; 17. MRI as a tool in stroke drug development S. Warach; 18. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in stroke Dawn E. Saunders and Martin M. Brown; 19. Functional magnetic resonance imaging and stroke Amy Brodtmann, Leeanne Carey and David G. Darby.


'This book provides a good overview of the use of MRI in stroke and is of educational benefit to both clinicians and radiologists involved in the care of patients with stroke and has started to take on some very important issues …' Neuroradiology

'This is an excellent intermediate level textbook that covers the topic of MR imaging in stroke and ischaemic stroke in particular. The book is well written throughout and easy to read. … The authorship reads like a Who's Who of the literature of stroke imaging and the quality of this book reflects it. … I would thoroughly recommend this book to all trainee physicians, neurovascular surgeons and neuroradiologists with an interest in ischaemic stroke …' Acta Neurochirugica


John N. Fink, Louis R. Caplan, P. A. Barber, S. M. Davis, Rüdiger von Kummer, Lawrence R. Wechsler, Steven Goldstein, Howard Yonas, Rohit Sood, Michael Moseley, Brian M. Tress, Robert R. Edelman, Joel Meyer, Peter D. Schellinger, Olav Jansen, Werner Hacke, Marc Fisher, Max Wintermark, Marc Reichhart, Reto Meuli, J. Bougosslavsky, Jeffery L. Saver, Chelsea Kidwell, William A. Copen, A. Gregory Sorensen, David C. Alsop, John A. Detre, Stephen Davis, Mark Parsons, Geoffery A. Donnan, Peter M. Wright, Romesh Markus, Thanh Phan, David C. Reutens, Vincent N. Thijs, Gregory W. Albers, S. Warach, Dawn E. Saunders, Martin M. Brown, Amy Brodtmann, Leeanne Carey, David G. Darby

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