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Familial Breast and Ovarian Cancer
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511057274 | ISBN-10: 051105727X)

This publication surveys the profound and far-reaching ramifications that have arisen from the very significant advances in our understanding of the genetic basis of familial breast and ovarian cancer. Written by international experts from Europe and North America, this book provides the busy clinician with a contemporary and wide-ranging guide to the latest developments in the diagnosis, genetics, screening, prevention and management of familial breast cancer. This area has advanced in knowledge so rapidly that this publication provides an unrivalled source of information including sections on ethical and insurance issues and the different cultural differences in breast cancer. The use of recently devised cancer genetics clinics and different referral criteria and patterns to these clinics are detailed. The volume will be of immense value to all clinical geneticists, oncologists, and healthcare professionals involved in screening and counselling programmes.

• Covers molecular biology and natural history, screening, and management • Includes advice on healthcare provision and setting up cancer genetics services • Includes the latest developments and their impact on the study and treatment of familial breast and ovarian cancer


Part I. Molecular Biology and Natural History: 1. Introduction Patrick Morrison, Shirley Hodgson and Neva Haites; 2. Overview of clinical genetics of breast cancer Neva Haites and Helen Gregory; 3. Cowden syndrome and related disorders Charis Eng; 4. Overview of clinical genetics of ovarian cancer Pierre Chappuis and Will Foulkes; 5. Ovarian cancer as part of HNPCC and other hereditary colon cancer syndromes Hans Vasen and M. A. Nooy; 6. Natural history of hereditary breast cancer Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, Will Foulkes and Pierre Chappuis; 7. Pathology of the breast and ovary in mutation carriers Sunil Lakhani and Adrienne M. Flanagan; 8. Risk estimation for familial breast and ovarian cancer Jenny Chang-Claude and Heiko Becher; Part II. Screening: 9. Experience of setting up a cancer genetics service Jonathon Gray; 10. Referral criteria for cancer genetics clinics Diana Eccles; 11. Service aspects of cancer genetic clinics Neva Haites and Shirley Hodgson; 12. Cultural and education aspects influencing development of cancer genetics services in different European countries Shirley Hodgson; 13. Screening, detection and survival patterns of breast and other cancers in high risk families Pål Møller and Michael Steel; 14. Screening for familial ovarian cancer Barnaby Rufford, Usha Menon and Ian Jacobs; Part III. Management: 15. Management of BRCA 1/2 mutation carriers Pierre Chappuis and Will Foulkes; 16. Management of ovarian cancer Dirk Brinkman and Ian Jacobs; 17. Prophylactic mastectomy in mutation carriers Gareth Evans, Fiona Lalloo and Andrew Balidam; 18. Psychosocial aspects of genetic counselling Steven Sutton and Alison Bish; 19. BRCA 1 and 2 testing: uptake and its measurement Lucy Brooks and Gareth Evans; 20. Ethical aspects Patrick Morrison and Michael Steel; 21. Gene therapy of breast and ovarian cancer Richard Kennedy and Patrick Johnston; 22. Future directions Patrick Morrison, Shirley Hodgson and Neva Haites.


'… this is a very good state of the art document of the current knowledge, covering most aspects of the genetic background and the clinical management of suspected familial breast and ovarian cancer in mid-2002 … for those in the phase of starting up a clinical service the book contains valuable information and would be very useful as a basic guide…'. Human Genetics

'Colleagues throughout the profession from a wide range of disciplines will find much in this book to interest them and will help them guide and manage their patients through the difficult decision journey of familial cancer.' The Ulster Medical Journal

' … members of the cancer genetics team who found it immediately useful … the usefulness of the text is such that I found myself reading it from cover to cover. No chapter is weak … I recommend it to all clinical geneticists working in cancer genetics, to breast surgeons and gynaecologists who deal with these cancers, and to radiologists involved in screening programmes. It provides an excellent review of the state of the art, with all the relevant references. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine


Patrick Morrison, Shirley Hodgson, Neva Haites, Helen Gregory, Charis Eng, Pierre Chappuis, Will Foulkes, Hans Vasen, M. A. Nooy, Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, Will Foulkes, Pierre Chappuis, Sunil Lakhani, Adrienne M. Flanagan, Jenny Chang-Claude, Heiko Becher, Jonathon Gray, Diana Eccles, Pål Møller, Michael Steel, Barnaby Rufford, Usha Menon, Ian Jacobs, Pierre Chappuis, Will Foulkes, Dirk Brinkman, Ian Jacobs, Gareth Evans, Fiona Lalloo, Andrew Balidam, Steven Sutton, Alison Bish, Lucy Brooks, Richard Kennedy, Patrick Johnston

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