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Business History around the World
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511055492 | ISBN-10: 0511055498)

This 2003 book offered the first in-depth international survey of contemporary research and debates in business history. Over the two decades leading to its publication, enormous advances had been made in writing the history of business enterprise and business systems. Historians are documenting and analyzing the evolution of a wide range of important companies and systems, their patterns of innovation, production, and distribution, their financial affairs, their political activities, and their social impact. Each essay is written by a prominent authority who provides an assessment of the state and significance of research in his or her area. This volume is a reference work that will be of immense value to historians, economists, management researchers, and others concerned to access the latest insights on the evolution of business throughout the world.

• Gives a global coverage of business history • Much of the material is presented here in English • Unique in taking an historical perspective to modern business practices


Acknowledgments; List of contributors; 1. Introduction Franco Amatori and Geoffrey Jones; Part I. General Issues, Open Questions, Controversies: 2. Identity and the boundaries of business history: an essay on consensus and creativity Louis Galambos; 3. Understanding innovative enterprise: toward the integration of economic theory and business history William Lazonick; 4. Productive alternatives: flexibility, governance, and strategic choice in industrial history Jonathan Zeitlin; Part II. Area Patterns: 5. Business history in the United States at the end of the twentieth century William J. Hausman; 6. British and Dutch business history Geoffrey Jones and Keetie E. Sluyterman; 7. Scandinavian business history at the end of the 1990s: its prior development, present situation, and future Håkan Lindgren; 8. Business history in German-speaking states at the end of the century, achievements and gaps Harm G. Schröter; 9. Business history in France Youssef Cassis; 10. Business history in Italy at the turn of the century Franco Amatori and Giorgio Bigatti; 11. Business history in Spain Albert Carreras, Xavier Tafunell, and Eugenio Torres; 12. Business history in Greece: the state of the art and future prospects Margarita Dritsas; 13. The state of business history in Japan: cross-national comparisons and international relations Akira Kudô; 14. Chinese business history: its development, present situation, and future direction Chi-Kong Lai; 15. Business history in Latin America: issues and debates María Inés Barbero; Part III. Comparative Business History: 16. Family firms in comparative perspectives Andrea Colli and Mary B. Rose; 17. Multinationals Geoffrey Jones; 18. Business-government relations: beyond performance issues Mathias Kipping; 19. The opportunities for business history at the beginning of the twenty-first century Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.; Index.


Franco Amatori, Geoffrey Jones, Louis Galambos, William Lazonick, Jonathan Zeitlin, William J. Hausman, Keetie E. Sluyterman, Håkan Lindgren, Harm G. Schröter, Youssef Cassis, Giorgio Bigatti, Albert Carreras, Xavier Tafunell, Eugenio Torres, Margarita Dritsas, Akira Kudô, Chi-Kong Lai, María Inés Barbero, Andrea Colli, Mary B. Rose, Mathias Kipping, Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.

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