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Ethics and Evidence-Based Medicine
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511055218 | ISBN-10: 0511055218)

The growth of evidence-based medicine has occurred against a backdrop of health care reform, managed care, cost containment and quality improvement, and clinicians have been urged to adopt the rigours of science while remaining true to their 'clinical judgement'. This tension - between efforts to make medical practice more scientific and the suspicions of many clinicians - has caused one of the greatest practical and ethical challenges in the history of the health professions. This incisive book reviews the history and conceptual origins of evidence-based practice, and discusses key ethical issues that arise in clinical practice, public health and health policy. Essential reading for all physicians, and practitioners in epidemiology and public health, it will also be suitable as a text in medical and public health school courses on evidence-based practice.

• On ethics and evidence-based medicine • Addresses clinical application of systematic reviews and other research syntheses • Analyses the debate between 'art' and 'science' of health practice


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Foundations and history of evidence-based practice; 2. The research synthesis revolution; 3. Evidence of evidence, and other conceptual challenges; 4. Human subjects, the internet, databases and data mining; 5. Evidence at the bedside; 6. Public health policy, uncertainty and genetics; 7. Ethics and evidence; References; Index.


'Goodman's book is well worth reading by anyone interested in health policy, EBM, and research synthesis. It is lucid and elegantly written.' The Lancet

'Goodman understands the history and sociology of EBM very well, and dissects it admirably … It will be enjoyable and useful for people who are looking for a field guide to a large number of philosophical topics relevant to EBM …' Journal of the Philosophy of Science Association

'This is definitely a useful book, and easy to read, yet asking the reader to think and learn.' Nursing Ethics 2003

'This is a well-written and readable book. Despite the complexity of some of the arguments, the language of the book is down-to-earth and intelligible. Every effort is made to make the book accessible to the passing reader - it is the sort of book you could pick up and put down, or read on the train. This is not to say it is a lightweight analysis, but rather to say that it aims at getting the message across to all those involved in health practice and research rather than at providing an academic reference book … anyone who wants to know and understand the content and context of EBM would be well advised to read it. This is a valuable contribution to the EBM debate …' Public Health

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