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Sustainable Development
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511033124)

Demographers predict that world population will double to around twelve billion people during the first half of the twenty-first century and then begin to level off. Based on this scenario, Sustainable Development: The Challenge of Transition examines what societal changes must occur over the next generation to ensure a successful transition to sustainability within the constraints of the natural environment. An array of prominent authors present a broad discussion of the dimensions of sustainable development: not just economic and environmental, but also spiritual and religious, corporate and social, scientific and political. Unlike other books on the subject, this volume provides insightful policy recommendations about how business, government, and individuals must change their values, priorities, and behaviour to meet these challenges. This volume will appeal to scholars and decision makers interested in global change, environmental policy, population growth, and sustainable development, and also to corporate environmental managers.

• Famous and respected contributors, including, amongst others, Frances Cairncross, Herman E. Daly and Stephen H. Schneider • Broad multidisciplinary discussion • Policy recommendations for sustainable development


List of contributors; Foreword Bruce Alberts; Preface C. H. Ward and Jurgen A. Schmandt; 1. Challenge and response Jurgen A. Schmandt and C. H. Ward; 2. National self-interest in the pursuit of sustainable development Malcolm Gillis and Jeffrey R. Vincent; 3. Uneconomic growth: from empty-world versus full-world economics Herman E. Daly; 4. Population and consumption: from more to enough Robert W. Kates; 5. Spirituality and sustainability Carla V. Berkedal; 6. Leadership skills for sustainable development Bruce W. Piasecki; 7. The role of science: guidance and service Stephen H. Schneider; 8. Economic tools, international trade, and the role of business Frances Cairncross; 9. Stakeholders and sustainable development James B. Blackburn; 10. From idea to action: the role of policy Jurgen A. Schmandt; Index.


Bruce W. Piasecki, C. H. Ward, Jurgen A. Schmandt, Malcolm Gillis, Jeffrey R. Vincent, Herman E. Daly, Robert W. Kates,Carla V. Berkedal, Stephen H. Schneider, Frances Cairncross, James B. Blackburn

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