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We publish across the full range of the earth and environmental sciences and at all levels, from popular science and undergraduate textbooks through to graduate texts and monographs.

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The El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation Phenomenon
Edward S. Sarachik, Mark A. Cane

An introduction to understanding the ENSO phenomenon, given in an observational and theoretical context, and exploring its predictability and impacts.

Published February 2010 | Hardback | 0521847869

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Global Sustainability
A Nobel Cause
Edited by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Mario Molina, Nicholas Stern, Veronika Huber, Susanne Kadner

Interdisciplinary exploration of the best scientific and political strategies to attain global sustainability, from many Nobel Prize-winning and other high-profile authors.

Published February 2010 | Hardback | 0521769345

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The Climate Crisis
An Introductory Guide to Climate Change
David Archer, Stefan Rahmstorf

A concise and clear overview of the essential scientific information on climate change for students and the general reader.

Published December 2009 | Hardback | 0521407443

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Too Smart for our Own Good
The Ecological Predicament of Humankind
Craig Dilworth

A groundbreaking work explaining our ecological predicament in the context of the first scientific theory of humankind's development.

Published November 2009 | Paperback | 052175769X