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Clinical Topics in Addiction


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 (ISBN-13: 9781904671503)

  • Published October 2007

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Addiction to psychoactive substances can lead to a range of biological, psychological and social problems, and the clinical management of these issues can often be complex. This book brings together papers from the popular journal Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, which have been updated to give systematic, authoritative and well-referenced accounts of over twenty key clinical topics relating to substance misuse. It is written by practitioners with extensive experience of managing these difficulties, and provides a handy synthesis of clinical, research and policy issues. Taking a very practical focus, the contents will be of use to any practitioner who comes across a patient with an addiction, and in particular to trainees in addiction psychiatry. Topics covered include gambling, all major psychoactive substances, comorbidity with mental health problems, addiction in special populations, including young people, pregnant women and offenders, psychological and pharmacological treatments, and addiction policy.


Foreword Nat Wright; Preface; 1. What works in drug addiction? Jason Luty; 2. The development of the drug treatment system in England David Best, Sanju George and Ed Day; 3. Stimulant use still going strong Nicholas Seivewright, Charles McMahon and Paul Egleston; 4. Adverse effects of khat: a review Glenice Cox and Hagen Rampes; 5. What the clinician needs to know about magic mushrooms Nicholas Seivewright and Olawale Lagundoye; 6. What works in alcohol use disorders? Jason Luty; 7. Management of alcohol detoxification Duncan Raistrick; 8. Nicotine addiction and smoking cessation treatments Jason Luty; 9. Pathological gambling: an overview of assessment and treatment Sanju George and Vijaya Murali; 10. Use of investigations in the diagnosis and management of alcohol use disorders Colin Drummond, Hamid Ghodse and Sanjoo Chengappa; 11. Laboratory investigations for assessment and management of drug problems Kim Wolff, Sarah Welch and John Strang; 12. Pharmacotherapy in dual diagnosis Ilana B. Crome and Tracey Myton; 13. Dual diagnosis: management within a psychosocial context Mohammed T. Abou-Saleh; 14. Treating depression complicated by substance misuse Claire McIntosh and Bruce Ritson; 15. Treating anxiety complicated by substance misuse Anne Lingford-Hughes, John Potokar and David Nutt; 16. An overview of psychological interventions for addictive behaviours Adam Huxley and Alex Copello; 17. Motivational interviewing Janet Treasure; 18. Substance misuse in adolescents Harith Swadi and Sangeeta Ambegaokar; 19. Management of drug misuse in pregnancy Ed Day and Sanju George; 20. Intoxication and legal defences Quazi Haque and Ian Cumming; 21. Substance misuse and violence: the scope and limitations of forensic psychiatry's role Peter Snowden; 22. Literary and biographical perspectives on substance use Ed Day and Iain Smith; Index.


Nat Wright, Jason Luty, David Best, Sanju George, Ed Day, Nicholas Seivewright, Charles McMahon, Paul Egleston, Glenice Cox, Hagen Rampes, Olawale Lagundoye, Duncan Raistrick, Vijaya Murali, Colin Drummond, Hamid Ghodse, Sanjoo Chengappa, Kim Wolff, Sarah Welch, John Strang, Ilana B. Crome, Tracey Myton, T. Abou-Saleh, Claire McIntosh, Bruce Ritson, Anne Lingford-Hughes, John Potokar, David Nutt, Adam Huxley, Alex Copello, Harith Swadi, Sangeeta Ambegaokar, Quazi Haque, Ian Cumming, Peter Snowden, Iain Smith

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