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Think on my Words


  • 4 b/w illus. 2 tables
  • Page extent: 266 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9781107617681)

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For decades, people have been studying Shakespeare's life and times and in recent years there has been a renewed surge of interest in aspects of his language. So how can we better understand Shakespeare? David Crystal provides a lively and original introduction to Shakespeare's language, making his plays easily accessible to modern-day audiences. Covering the five main dimensions of language structure - writing system, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and conversational style - this book demonstrates how examining these linguistic 'nuts and bolts' can help us achieve a greater appreciation of Shakespeare's linguistic creativity.

• Explains clearly the terms required to understand Shakespeare's language, assuming no prior specialist knowledge • Includes many examples from Shakespeare's plays and poems, providing essential context for the reader • Contains a lively and original A-Z Appendix of Shakespeare's 'false friends' - words which seem familiar to us today, but in fact have a completely different meaning


1. 'You speak a language that I understand not': myths and realities; 2. 'Now, sir, what is your text?': knowing the sources; 3. 'In print I found it': Shakespearean graphology; 4. 'Know my stops': Shakespearean punctuation; 5. 'Speak the speech': Shakespearean phonology; 6. 'Trippingly upon the tongue': Shakespearean pronunciation; 7. 'Think on my words': Shakespearean vocabulary; 8. 'Talk of a noun and a verb': Shakespearean grammar; 9. 'Hear sweet discourse': Shakespearean conversation; Epilogue: 'your daring tongue': Shakespearean creativity; Appendix: an A-to-Z of Shakespeare's false friends.


'Here is a linguist [David Crystal] who knows not only how words work but how they work in theatre. Anyone who cares for Shakespeare will be informed and entertained by this intriguing and wide-ranging study.' Stanley Wells

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