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Operative Surgery Vivas for the MRCS


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  • Printed version published November 2006
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This is a comprehensive study manual for the operative surgery section of the MRCS examination. This unique text is set to the level of a basic surgical examination and the material is discussed in easy to access, simple and informative manner. The A-Z format means topics appear at random, mirroring the nature of the examination. For each operative procedure the basic principles, applied anatomy, indications and complications are discussed alongside an overview of technique. Frequently asked examination questions and practical tips for giving the fullest answer for the most marks are also included. Care has been taken to ensure compatibility with all UK syllabuses, and inclusion of material required for equivalent examinations internationally. This manual is an excellent source of information for use during personal study and self-testing, and as a teaching aid.


Preface; 1. The elective repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm; 2. Adrenalectomy; 3. Amputation (below knee); 4. Anorectal sepsis; 5. Appendicectomy; 6. Principles of bowel anastomosis; 7. Breast surgery; 8. Carotid endarterectomy; 9. Carpal tunnel decompression; 10. Central venous cannulation; 11. Cholescystectomy (laparascopic); 12. Circumcision; 13. Colles fracture reduction; 14. Compound fractures; 15. Dupuytren's contracture release; 16. Dynamic hip screw; 17. Fasciotomy; 18. Femoral embolectomy; 19. Femoral hernia repair; 20. Haemorrhoidectomy; 21. Hip surgery; 22. Hydrocele repair; 23. Inguinal hernia repair; 24. Laparatomy and abdominal incisions; 25. Oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy; 26. Orchidectomy; 27. Parotidectomy; 28. Perforated peptic ulcer; 29. Pyloric stenosis and Ramstedt's pyloromyotomy; 30. Right hemicolectomy; 31. Skin cover (reconstructive ladder); 32. Spinal surgery; 33. Splenectomy; 34. Stomas; 35. Submandibular gland excision; 36. Tendon repair; 37. Thoracostomy (chest drain); 38. Thoracotomy; 39. Thyroidectomy; 40. Tracheostomy; 41. Urinary retention and related surgical procedures; 42. Varicose vein surgery; 43. Vasectomy; 44. Zadik's procedure.


'This publication,. written by recent graduates of the MRCS system, is broad, concise and well-structured. … This book should be used as a source of questions to assess the candidate's readiness for the exam' British Journal of Surgery

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