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Ecology and Applications of Benthic Foraminifera

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In this 2006 volume John Murray investigates the ecological processes that control the distribution, abundance and species diversity of benthic foraminifera in environments ranging from marsh to the deepest ocean. To interpret the fossil record it is necessary to have an understanding of the ecology of modern foraminifera and the processes operating after death leading to burial and fossilisation. This book presents the ecological background required to explain how fossil forms are used in dating rocks and reconstructing past environmental features including changes of sea level. It demonstrates how living foraminifera can be used to monitor modern-day environmental change. Ecology and Applications of Benthic Foraminifera presents a comprehensive and global coverage of the subject using all the available literature. It is supported by a website hosting a large database of additional ecological information ( and will form an important reference for academic researchers and graduate students in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

• Reviews all environments, from intertidal to the deepest ocean • Was the first comprehensive review of current thoughts on ecological controls • Thorough coverage of the literature combined with extensive tables of data


1. Introduction; 2. Methods; 3. Aspects of biology and basic ecology; 4. Marginal marine environments; 5. Shelf seas; 6. Carbonate environments; 7. Deep sea; 8. Summary of living distributions; 9. Taphonomic processes: formation of dead and fossil assemblages; 10. Applications; Glossary; Appendix 1. Ecological data; References; Web appendices; Web appendix 1. References discussing taxonomy, dead or total assemblages; Web appendix 2. Faunal reference list; Living/stained foraminiferal data tables.


'… well produced, authoritative yet easy to read … supported by a wealth of online supplementary material and archive data that increases the value of this book as a research tool.' Journal of Paleolimnology

'This is a very good reference volume for people working in the discipline and a great introduction to those aspiring to do so.' Journal of Geological Magazine

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