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Publications in 2004

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General Science

Henry Etzkowitz, Carol Kemelgor, Brian Uzzi Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology  (eBooks) 

Edited by Fran├žois Penz, Gregory Radick, Robert Howell Space: In Science, Art and Society  (Darwin College Lectures)  (Hardback) 

Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind  (eBooks) 

Harry Collins, Trevor Pinch The Golem at Large: What You Should Know about Technology  (Canto)  (Adobe eBook Reader) 

Edited by J. M. T. Thompson Visions of the Future: Chemistry and Life Science  (Baker and Taylor eBook (now NetLibrary)) 

Edited by Katinka Ridderbos Time  (Darwin College Lectures)  (Adobe eBook Reader) 

Charles Darwin, Edited by Desmond King-Hele Charles Darwin's 'The Life of Erasmus Darwin'  (Baker and Taylor eBook (now NetLibrary))